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трэш-метал (thrash-metal)
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MARYBETH is a well-known in Moscow metal community thrash band. It was formed in March 2010 by two brothers - Yury and Peter Lipatkin,- who had previously played in a couple of hardcore projects. Initially, the formation was conceived as a non-profit project, which implied the possibility with full commitment to be realized within the not so popular in Russia music style of the old school thrash.

First bass player, invited to play in the band, was a participant of projects "Vision" and "Human Device" Alexander Golikov. At the time of the final formation of first Marybeth line-up, the musicians had only a low-quality demo, recorded at the end of the summer of 2010. Just once the band was able to play their short set on thrash-oriented Freedom Metal Festival. However, in the autumn of 2011, Marybeth released EP "Lost Generation", dispersed on self-made CDs and caused an upsurge of public interest to the band. The band took part in the support of such titans of thrash metal as Destruction, Neurasthenia and Necronomicon. The theme of the songs on EP absorbed social contradictions, nightmares of armed conflicts and human short-sightedness.
A new wave of thrash metal that swept the heavy scene of Moscow in late 2011 and early 2012 prompted Marybeth not to stop and to start work at the debut album. From May to September 2012, seven songs were created in the Light Temple studio, marking a new stage in the life of the band. The sound became more damp, the vocals became more violent. The tracks for the first time affect the historical themes. On October 21 of the same year Marybeth held a presentation of their album "Hell Arouses", which was self-released on 300 CDs.

Then elder of the brothers has hardly broken his leg in January 2013, and Marybeth stopped live concerts till November 2014. Former bassist because of the music pause leaved the band, and as the result of bass-player searches Igor Nikitin, the founder of Hireling band from Zelenograd, became a constant member of Marybeth. The band resumed active performance, and it led to taking part in support of such popular metal collectives as Nervosa, Vader, Nuclear (Chile). Marybeth also shined up on a couple of local Moscow gigs and established contacts with music managers, who invited Marybeth drummer to side-projects, which supported in 2015 world-known bands Sadist and Testament.

In February 2016 Marybeth released new EP "Overdose of evil", that confirmed old-school vector of band development and staked out Marybeth place on Moscow metal stage.
In April 2016, deciding that bassist Nikitin was required, the band auditioned on bass Egor Maslennikov from Shatter band. More than that, Marybeth core members solved to change band format, and immediately after the auditions Alex Zhukovskiy remained as the sole guitarist.
By June 2016, living in squats and with little recognition, Zhukovskiy decided to quit the band, and after some debate, he agreed to do farewell shows on Havok support at the St. Petersburg, Aurora-club and at Moscow, Volta-club.
In classical trio-format Marybeth played on Sodom support in Moscow, and meaned concert has the higest rate between Marybeth fans.

The last one recorded by Marybeth (on Skylark studio) EP at the moment is "Under attack", released on May 2017 and was firstly performed at Skull fist support gig.

In June-July 2017 there was two concerts Marybeth taken part - Overkill and Metal church support.

Now band is working at second album and wide Russian tour. At the same time Marybeth conducts negotiations with labels from Eastern Europe.

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