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One Out Of Hell

трэш-метал (thrash-metal)
Рейтинг: 10

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One Out Of Hell was born in December 2006 as Mike and Simon's side project. They wanted to work fast and loose no time so they got Swed on vocals, Marty on bass who was quickly replaced by Miha. After a month of OOOH life, they've already had a promo CD with three songs which Mike and Simon wanted to backup with video. In January 2007 the video was finished, but yet not with Miha since he joined the band in September. When the first goal was reached, they've had some shows and are now ready to do the other material and play as many shows as possible. But that's not all; OOOH was nominated for the best Slovenian young talent in 2007 and still waits for the final score. Point was not to go out with the project until the band has the whole album, but metalheads couldn't wait and spread the word by them selves. Beside that the band has a lot of experience in live shows, since they were all playing with other bands as well, so the number would be around 100 shows until now. We have to explain that guitarist Mike is writing all the material, music and lyrics and he is one of the most promising songwriters. His talent was also spotted by many foreign music companies which he now endorses. His first was Dean Guitars, followed by Framus/Warwick from Germany, Jim Dunlop and the newest Danish company T-Rex. Band is setting up a Slovenian tour and a first album in 2008. The whole concept of the band was to give direct message, with no deep thoughts but just pure, straight energy. »We believe we have accomplished that, since this band is all about the energy and power. We want nothing more than the real groove we provide at live shows!«


19.02.2011 21:38:29
вот жешь красавчики инфу и на английском +1 вам от Evdemonium за загадочность)))
11.10.2009 14:48:06
ВАМ + 1 Ждем ответа !!! =))
04.03.2009 21:48:54
+1 от Степени Свободы http://www.metal-radio.ru/stepeni_svobody
11.02.2009 12:58:02
привет от группы MEDULLA +1
09.02.2009 21:58:42
+1 от Witchcraft!)
04.12.2008 12:29:51
17.11.2008 08:37:43
Whеrе is а tracks?
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