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The Unravelling

готик-метал () дарк-метал (dark metal)
Рейтинг: 6

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Сайт: www.theunravellingmusic.com
e-mail: unravellingband@hotmail.com

Bio is here:
The Unravelling is a progressive rock band from Calgary, Canada. Inspired by diverse artists such as Dead Can Dance, Tool, Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Arcana, Jeff Buckley and Dillinger Escape Plan, the Unravelling music ranges from the engaging and inviting to the aggressive and threatening. The music is intended to be both cathartic and inspiring. A confidante of the band remarked that "The Unravelling sounds like the illegitimate love child of Lisa Gerrard And Zack de la Rocha.

The projec founder and instrumentalist, Gustavo De Beauville, composes and records the music while singer Steve Moore (of Inner Surge & Post Death Soundtrack) writes the lyrics and vocal parts. In order to take their music from the studio to the stage, they have recruited two other professional Calgary musicians, solidifying The Unravelling live lineup. Having moved to Calgary from Barbados in 2006, Gus spent the greater part of 2007 composing the material for the first album. Until meeting Steve in the fall of 2008 - I had not met any musicians who were this driven and hungry for progress. He definitely inspired me to be as industrious as I could in the pursuit of music says De Beauville.

The debut full length album 13 Arcane Hymns, a psycho-analytical concept album in the tradtion of Pink Floyd. The Wall Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral" and Faith no More Angeldust is slated for a 2009 release. The album features many reoccuring lyrical themes, particularly the theme of being buried alive and presumed dead, then crawling your way out, and moving forward. The band has already garnered airplay on a variety of metal and rock programs such as the Autopsy Report, Playlist Mix, Progopolis, Rogues Gallery, Headcase Radio and Metal Invasion.

In advance of the CD release, music can be heard at www.theunravellingmusic.com.
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  1. In-The-Safe-House (скачан: 842 раз)
  2. Firebreather (скачан: 717 раз)
  3. Move-Forward-Until-You-Are-Dead-by-The-Unravelling (скачан: 548 раз)


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