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Andrea Gail

/ альтернативный метал / металкор
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/ фолк-метал / пэган-метал / блэк-метал
Рейтинг: 11


/ хеви-метал
Рейтинг: 57


/ хеви-метал / грув-метал / трэш-метал
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/ блэк-метал / пэган-метал / фолк-метал / языческий метал
Рейтинг: 11


For concerts organizes

We are interested in advance advertising of concerts and festivals applicable to the format of our station. For distribution in show bill we need the information about bands’ names, date, time, venue and entrance ticket price.

For journalists

We are ready to distribute the interviews with musicians, articles about bands and events on our site. Photo materials are welcome. Authorship is reserved.


We offer unique variant of advertising distribution on air of MR.

By every connection to the radio person listens to introductory 30 seconds spiel.

Daily quantity of connections is more than 5000.

Your advertising will be heard by more than 150.000 persons per month.

Day by day quantity of connections increases by 2-3% and this is more than 2500 persons per month. (The statistic is provided from the server).

Distribution cost:

50 kopecks for a connection.

The minimum order is 2 weeks.

It’s impossible to recall, switch over and rewind the spiel. Without hearing the cutoff the user can’t connect to the air. Such kind of advertising has shown 100% listening but also it doesn’t annoy listener because he will hear the advertising only at the very beginning. Of course by the second connection the user will hear the spiel once more.

If you are interested in our offer you can contact us by below mentioned contacts.


Russia, Moscow
Mosfilmovskaya str., 58А,
Studio #1 first floor (broadcast)
Studio #2 second floor (sound recording)
Tel: +7(495) 998-40-25 (Multiline)

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