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For young band there is nothing so important than:

  • Show one’s worth!
  • Show your work results
  • Get the audience reviews
  • Acquire the first fans
  • Become recognizable!

Would you like to hear yourself together with such monsters as Nightwish, SlipKnot, Kamelot, Children of Bodom, Soilwork and etc.?

It’s enough to register your band on our site!

Download your songs and make a request in Air!

Rotation conditions:

  1. Your music should be in good quality (without any huskiness, "not basement" and etc.) not more than 7 minutes.
  2. There shouldn’t be call for violence, racial hatred in your lyrics!
  3. The lyrics can be either in Russian or in English.
  4. All Metal trends are acceptable!
  5. The maximum quantity of rotations is once every 2 hours! (we can’t put up only for you!)
  6. We don’t accept Punk, Grange, Pop rock, Pop and etc.!

Rotation conditions have been changed, you can see details here.

Автоматы онлайн

Азартные игры в интернете. Медицинский центр.


How to make a request?

Very easy, you should send the following letter on the address info@metal-radio.ru:

"We are the band ............ we wand to put up the song in air ............. "

That’s all, here you go :) If your oeuvre meets above described requirements then your request will be approved. Usually this process takes from 5 minutes to 24 hours.


Our portal cooperates fully with production centers of Russia and Europe.

Maybe it’s your first crucial point to success!?

Help and support in EP record.

Make videos.

Make cover pages for CD\DVD.


In case of breaching of conditions administration reserves the right not to put up song in air with the following deletion of your account! Agreement with rotation conditions is putting up your song on the portal and making the request in air! Administration reserves the right to delete the band page, to take the band off the air without giving reasons!

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