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  • Introduction to the culture of hard music for young people.
  • Promotion of young talented bands.
  • Coverage of events, concerts devoted to hard music.
  • Making the best PlayList of hard music.
  • Convenient informative resource for any taste.

In general Metal-Radio.ru is known already more than a year but initially it was just the internet radio created by musicians for support of metal culture. Time passed by, connection traffic increased and the guys understood that they couldn’t be limited only by radio. So appeared the site of the first professional internet station in Russia - www.metal-radio.ru. The equipment has been obtained, the new studio has been found and here they are again on air with even more ambitious project, the main goal of which is promotion of young challenging musicians playing metal and its trends. Besides everybody can take part in the project!

The band can register on site, download its song and send the request on air therefore promoting itself and its group, needless to say about the advertising its concerts, releases, CDs and etc.

For person merely not indifferent to metal there is a chance to take part in work of radio station and stage itself mingling with DJs and merely friends.

Friendly interface, chance to join the radio from any corner of the planet and chance to make the PlayList on your own make the radio full companion for metal lovers. Currently the radio station is operated by 7000 to 15000 persons daily, targeted audience is 14 to 40 years old. More than 20 towns of Russia and Europe are already on the wave Metal-Radio.ru

Stereo output with frequency 44100Hz and bitrate of 128Kb broadcast all speech volume of hard music.

Now MR consists of concert agency and PR studio, Design studio.

The project has already been supported by such giants as Kap-Kan Records, musicforums.ru – forums for musicians, A1 – the first alternative television channel, PMG and etc.

Metal-Radio.ru™ is the first professional internet radio station devoted to hard music in Russia.

The first broadcast took place on the 21.03.2007. This year we celebrated 1 year on Air!

Targeted audience is 14 to 40 years old.

Quantity of listeners is 5000 unique listeners in Russia and Europe!

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